Exhibition Details

Open from 1st May – 31st May 2018 in the Deloitte Gallery in Science Gallery Dublin.

The exhibition will tour to up to 5 additional spaces in universities and healthcare institutions around the country, between June 2018 and November 2018

Competition Details

The HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trial Network is seeking proposals for CREATION, a free exhibition hosted in Science Gallery Dublin and touring nationally. CREATION will explore, through art and image, deep insights and new perspectives into the world of pregnancy and newborn health research, from conception to birth, and beyond.

We’re looking for mums, dads, visual artists, clinicians, researchers, graphic designers, statisticians, photographers, midwives, and everyone in between to contribute to this exhibition.

Deadline for proposals is 16th of February 2018, 17.00 Dublin time.

All formats/mediums are valid for entry, but due to space constraints, image based artwork will be prioritised during the selection process.

Provisional exhibition dates are May 1st 2018 – May 31st 2018, with additional tour dates through November 2018.

The winning entries will receive a cash prize and be featured in the exhibition for the duration of the showing and tour.

About the HRB Mother and Baby CTNI

The HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trial Network Ireland brings together leading Irish researchers in the perinatal space, with an international reputation to address problems in women and children’s health that will have a global impact. The Clinical Trial Network is composed of obstetricians, neonatologists, midwives and related professionals from seven of the largest maternity hospitals in Ireland, which deliver over 55,000 babies every year.

Themes, topics and potential directions

CREATION will explore aspects of pregnancy and newborn health and research, on topics and themes as diverse maternal-fetal medicine to midwifery, preeclampsia to persistent pulmonary hypertension, diabetes to doppler scans.

We’re looking for entries on areas like;

  • Planned and unplanned pregnancies
  • The future of conception
  • The IVF Journey
  • Ultrasounds, sharing the first scan, finding out the sex.
  • Prenatal testing and ethics – Is peace of mind important? Does knowledge = power? Or would you rather not know?
  • Life in the womb and fetal development
  • Complications – like high blood pressure (e.g preeclampsia), or diabetes, or the dangers of blood clots.
  • Vaccination, in pregnancy and after pregnancy – The flu vaccine or whooping cough or HPV.
  • The labour journey – Birth plans to breaking water to contractions.
  • Bodily autonomy and consent – in the delivery theatre, in research, and in emergencies.
  • Life in the NICU – incubators and tubes, and Tentacles for Tinies
  • Prematurity – life at the edge of viability, the increasing role of technology and new medicine, hours and days making the difference.
  • Breastfeeding – support and difficulties, the benefits and joys.
  • Palliative care

Application Process

Entries will be accepted for new or existing works. All formats/mediums are valid for entry, but due to space constraints, image based artwork will be prioritised during the selection process.

Follow the link below to the application form. There you will be asked to fill in your relevant details, a description of your work or proposed work, along with an opportunity to submit any supporting documentation (incl, finalised pieces, examples, sketches, thumbnails, moodboards)

Note: Proposal form requires Google account – if you do not have a Google account, please email Cormac at the below email to request a Word Doc version.

You can contact Cormac at motherandbabyexhibition@gmail.com for more information or queries.