Last Monday we officially launched our PARROT study with a coffee morning with our colleagues in the INFANT Centre in Cork. The PARROT study looks at markers in the blood & how we can measure them to give better care to mums at risk of pre-eclampsia. 

Speaking at the launch were Prof Louise Kenny, Principal Investigator for the PARROT Study, who spoke about the reality of mortality that still exists with pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia affects 2-8% of all pregnancies and can only be resolved by the birth of the baby. You can find out more about pre-eclampsia by watching our video below.

Deirdre Hayes-Ryan, the lead researcher for the PARROT study, took us through the aims and objectives of the PARROT study, which aims to see how measuring PlGF (Placenta Growth Factor) in women with suspected pre-eclampsia can help reduce maternal morbidity and aid in their healthcare management in the antenatal period.

Dr Karla Hemming from the University of Birmingham, who is the lead statistician on the study, explained the methodology of the trial and how and why we are using a ‘stepped wedge’ design for this study.

Dr Liz Tully, Programme Manager for the HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trial Network, spoke about how the Network supports a large multi-centre trial such as this, and the exciting things we have planned for the future.

We want to give a special and heartfelt thank you to the almost 400 women who have agreed to join the PARROT Study so far. They are helping future generations of mums in the fight against pre-eclampsia.

You can see some photos from the morning below.